Browsing Databases and Adding Servicenow Information for Datahub

Original Slack Thread

Hello Datahub people,
I have recently installed my datahubproject instance and started to ingest some data. Maybe you can share your best practices with me:

  1. Can I see anywhere what Databases I have ingested? I see the drilldown view of platforms (oraclem, mysql etc.), then containers and tables. Can I browse on database level as well? I would say it should be somewhere as it is relevant for linage for example.
  2. I’d like to add the information, from servicenow about database availability to be able to easily filter most valuable data points. How would you do this?

Hi Piotr! Apologies for the delayed response here –

  1. Can you help me understand what you would be looking for when browsing by Databases? In the main Search/Browse experience, you can navigate all of the nested relationships of Platform > Database > Schema > Table etc. Are you expecting different behavior?

  2. I’d suggest adding those values as tags to the entities so they’d be indexed & searchable/filterable