Enhancing Lineage Visualization with Color Tags for Identifying Broken Datasets

Original Slack Thread

Hello everyone, when doing impact analysis in DataHub, I would like to be able to quickly identify “broken” datasets in lineage after failed validation or some external event, both visually and programatically using API. I thought adding colors or visible tags to nodes and edges in the lineage might be useful and convenient for this use case. Is this currently possible in Datahub? As an alternative, I considered just adding custom tag and filtering by it Lineage section, but it is not visible in the lineage graph.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Unfortunately we don’t hv these features today. Let me tag <@U01GCJKA8P9> to see if he can help.

Very interesting idea! Once the new incidents feature (in review) is merged, you’ll be able to raise incidents to flag issues. Check out the recent townhall to see a demo :slightly_smiling_face: