Exploring Column Level Lineage Visibility in UI

Original Slack Thread

Hello All,
I am working on the column level lineage and I not able to see the confidenceScore and, transformOperation in the UI, on the backend I am able to see those values. but not showing up in the UI, is there any other setting am I missing to see them in UI?

I wondered the same thing. Apparently they are currently not surfaced in the UI.

There is an outstanding FR for this, an upvote would be helpful!


Thank you <@U05F2CWUS5C> and <@U06CTPUQ9E1> for the replies.
I have one more question, in the Lineage aspect where we can select the upstream and downstream for the column , it shows the incorrect arrows for the upstream.
in the below pic the x is the source and feed to upstream as y. but the arrows shows opposite.