Handling Ingestion from Mariadb Server with Uppercase Database Names

Original Slack Thread

Hii All, try to create ingestion from mariadb server for all database (we have many databases in one mariadb server), some of them using uppercase name, I see in docs (https://datahubproject.io/docs/generated/ingestion/sources/mariadb), that ignoreCase for database name is default to True, but I get error
(pymysql.err.OperationalError) (1049, "Unknown database 'UPERCASE_DATABASE_NAME'")
Is it some bugs or any other configuration that I misssed?

Ignore case is only applies for the database pattern to match database patter regardless of the casing but it doesn’t affect the casing of the database you specify when you connect to the db

Thankyou <@UV14447EU>.
So, how can I create ingestion from database with uppercase name?
Because when I specified {database: “”}
option to get all databases in a server, I got error for uppercase database name