How to Register CSV Ingest with Multiple Tags

Original Slack Thread

Hi, Team I have a question for CSV ingest with the couple of tags. I would like to register the tag like “Ingredient:AAA”,“Ingredient:BBB”,“Ingredient:CCC” individually.
In the CSV file, how I can put the code between these tags? I tried several ways but it didn’t work out, Thanks!attachment

<@U05TDH92KBP> the tags should be separated by |attachment

<@UV14447EU> Thank you for the comment. I tried that way, but it didn’t work out.

Attached is the file I ingested , so would you be able to check?

Thanks again!!!attachment

the list should look like this:

you only have one valid urn in your list the others are only the tag

I mean the name but not an id

<@UV14447EU> I appreciated a lot!! Worked perfectly.