Rendering JSON in Datahub UI and changing DAG descriptions

Original Slack Thread

Hi, I have a JSON and I wonder if it can be rendered on the datahub ui?
[{“data”: {“id”: “ods.t2”}}, {“data”: {“id”: “ods.t3"}}, {“data”: {“id”: “dwd.t1”}}, {“data”: {“id”: “e0", “source”: “ods.t2", “target”: “dwd.t1"}}, {“data”: {“id”: “e1”, “source”: “ods.t3”, “target”: “dwd.t1”}}]

You can render it, for sure.
You just need to transform your json into a yaml which can be used with file-based-lineage ->

Hi! Thank for your reply.I tried a yml import and it worked.

I want to change the description of DAG using JSON, I don’t know if it is feasible.attachment

Do you want to do something like this?