Resolving Protobuf Schema Ingestion Issue Using Java Package in DataHub

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Hello there,
Same. I’m quite new to the DataHub. I try to ingest Protobuf schema using the Java package io.acryl:datahub-protobuf in a standalone project using Gradle. I followed your|example but came to this error :

        at datahub.event.EventFormatter.<init>(
        at datahub.protobuf.Proto2DataHub.main(```
What I understand is that your datahub-protobuf is packaged using the shadow plugin with relocating.
Does someone kwno how to resolve this ?


A bug is already opened

<@U01GZEETMEZ> might help you further.

Thanks <@U0348BYAS56>. It is exactly the issue. I put a comment to the ticket.
Any idea when the issue will be fixed?

We’re looking into it!

Great ! Thanks <@U01GZEETMEZ>

Ryan replied on the github issue: