Troubleshooting "AttributeError: module 'pydantic._migration' has no attribute 'enum_member_validator'" in pulling business glossary metadata from yaml file

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Hi Team, I try to pull business glossary metadata from yaml file. But get the error message: “raise AttributeError(f’module {name!r} has no attribute {name!r}')
AttributeError: module ‘pydantic._migration’ has no attribute 'enum_member_validator”. Could you help solve this problem?

<@U050FGBMF7X> Could you please share datahub version , yaml and recipe detail

Thanks for your replying.
-Datahub version is 0.10.0
version: 1
source: DataHub
- Winsky

  • name: PersonalInformation
    description: All terms related to personal information
    - Winsky
    • name: Email

      An example of using an id to pin a term to a specific guid

      id: “urn:li:glossaryTerm:41516e310acbfd9076fffc2c98d2d1a3”

      description: An individual’s email address
    • name: Address
      description: A physical address
    • name: Gender
      description: The gender identity of the individual
      type: datahub-business-glossary
      file: /home/software/datahub-master/metadata-ingestion/examples/bootstrap_data/business_glossary.yml
      enable_auto_id: true

I tried with version 0.10.5 and it works , haven’t faced the above issue, Could you please try with latest version of datahub

<@U0348BYAS56> Sid, It works when we’re with 0.10.5. Thanks again.:+1: