Using a custom platform like 'open_data' with Data Hub for cataloging datasets and feeding data to CKAN

Original Slack Thread

Folks, is it possible to use a custom platform like “open_data” ? I was thinking of using datahub to catalog datasets that are modeled and there is not materialized view or table yet.

<@U05N6MRFPK6> We can not change platform name of existing connector, but if you are planning to write new connector for a new data-platform then you can specify that connector platform in connector code

I got it. That is not my objective. I was planning to use an Open Data project at my Government Agent company to leverage the usage of Data Hub.

With that, I would use the schema of those subsets to hava a piint of truth an knowledge and them send it to a CKAN instance that is managed by the government central agency.

Anyway, it is possible to inform to the API any platform value. I was able to.