Why can't we assign glossary terms to domains in bulk?

Original Slack Thread

I have a small issue with the UI. When we have a glossary term we can assign it to a domain as we can see on one of the picture, we just need to click on the set domain button.

Now if we want to do that in bulk, it seems to not be possible because the button is greyed out and it says : this action is not supported for the selected type

is there a reason for that ?

Thank you,

hey Julien! so here what’s happening is that you can set a domain on a glossary term, but you can’t set a glossary term on a domain - the first screenshot sets a domain on the term and the second screenshot is trying to set a term on a domain (not supported)

this is really because domains are meant to be a higher level concept that could encompass glossary terms

however if you disagree i’d like to hear your opinion!