Adding Descriptions and Using URNs to Reference Data in Tableau Integration

Original Slack Thread

Hello all! Discovering a way to add descriptions during ingestion (or by API).
Issue - tableau ingestion with default parameters, all ingested fine (workbooks, data sources, containers, lineage, etc.), but should we add descriptions for ingested data manually, or we can add some modifications during ingestion? If not, do we have a way to find a particular element by API request without knowing the UUID in the URI to automate the adding descriptions process?
Right now, if I try to find an item by API request with search by item name, the result shows me a list of items in different places, and I can’t see a difference except UUID, but UUID is unclear.

You can reference a datahub entity using a URN :|

You can copy the URN from the UI for an existing chart, dashboard etc to understand the syntax

So, it means no way to separate one from another, for example - two dashboards with the same name in different projects, only one difference is <ID>, how can I refer ID to the Project?
urn:<Namespace>:<Entity Type>:<ID>

The id in the dashboard urns come directly from the uuid’s generated by the tableau API - so you could use that to generate the right urn

If you don’t know the dashboard IDs, but want to get an urn from a dashboard name + project combo, you can also make use of our search APIs - you can filter the search results to only return entities within a specific “container”, where the datahub container corresponds to a project in tableau