Adding `on_dataset_changed` Function to Datahub Listener for Airflow 2.7.2 Compatibility

Original Slack Thread

Hi Team,

this is a great tool for data governance, we’re exploring the datahub.

i have a question, Does Datahub have a timeline for airflow 2.7.2 with a new dataset approach? recently I upgraded airflow to 2.7.2 and I have an error Failed to execute job 1591 for task ... ('HookRelay' object has no attribute 'on_dataset_changed'; 99) .

i think currently, the datahub plugin doesn’t have a @hookspec def on_dataset_changed

thank you

i solved it by adding the func on_dataset_changed in like this

it solved :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you <@U06219KQSRK>! is this something we should consider adding to our listener? <@U01GZEETMEZ>?

It looks like that spec was added in airflow 2.8

Nonetheless, here’s a PR