Addressing Renaming Behavior Discrepancy Between Tableau and DataHub

Original Slack Thread

Hi Team, Can anyone help on this pls?
When a sheet in tableau i.e. a chart is renamed in tableau, instead of renaming it in datahub as well (which is the behavior for workbooks, dashboards and data sources) a new chart is created. This can be potentially very messy, since it is a common thing to rename sheets. Multiple charts are then linked to one sheets-ID in tableau.
The desired behavior would be that when a chart is renamed in tableau, the chart in datahub is also renamed and not a new duplicated version is created.

If you run with stateful ingestion enabled, datahub will automatically delete the old chart when the new one is created

Why is this happening - it seems like when you “rename” a chart in tableau, it sometimes creates a new unique ID within tableau. Because it’s a totally different identifier, we can’t detect it as a rename but only see it as a delete + create