Asset Editing Privileges Issue Resolved through Policy Adjustment

Original Slack Thread

Hello Everyone! I have the following issue - I want to assign asset editing privileges only to the asset owner. I saw that there is already a policy - Asset Owners Metadata Policy - which seems to be doing exactly that. So I added my test user to that policy (the user also has a Reader role) and started testing after 5 minutes (waiting to apply). It turned out that the user can edit other assets for which she is not an owner. (I noticed that the policy includes EDIT ALL privilege which I removed) I am wondering why is that? It this an expected behavior or a bug? Will be grateful for any advice how to overcome this!

We have the same requirement. We have EDIT ALL in the permissions list, but did you apply it only to owners as such:

Hi! Yes, it was applied already. I removed the EDIT ALL when I noticed the user can still edit other assets.
Which version are you using? I am with 0.10.2.

Hi <@U04T1Q5A04V>! I think I got it. I had the owners ON but at the same time I have added the user to the USERS field below. Once I removed the user from the USERS field it started working!
Thank you for your help!

Glad I could help out.