Can Datahub Act as a Catalog for Iceberg or Do I Need Dataproc or Project Nessie?

Original Slack Thread

was curious if datahub can act as a catalog for Iceberg as well? or would I need dataproc or project nessie as the catalog?

What do you mean by catalog for iceberg?

<@U02QGCRKQ22> would be a good resource for your questions and <#C02SRNN11EG|integration-iceberg-datahub> channel

hi - iceberg relies on a hive metastore catalog (glue, nessie, etc) apparently. I have not implemented it yet, but was wondering if i could kill two birds with one stone with datahub

Ah this (can Datahub replace hive metastore / glue) is a common question. So far the answer is no :slight_smile: