Choosing the Right Skills for DataHub Development and Implementation

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I’m trying to get started with a setup of DataHub that we intent to integrate with databases, semantic engines and identity providers. I did see a lot of Python mentioned for the initial setup, but I do now know if that knowledge is needed later on in the proces or how much Python knowledge you actually need. A lot of underlying frameworks also use JAVA for instance. Is having a Python developer on board a hard requirement in your experience?

Second question is what the ideal profile would be for a developer that works on this DataHub? Aside from having knowledge about database structures and authorization profiles. I have some ideas, but that’s from someone who hasn’t actually worked with the product yet.

Hi Ralph, thanks for the question… on the 2nd part are you seeking to figure out who on your team would be a good fit to help implement DataHub?

Yes, I have a wide range of developers available to me, but none seem to be a perfect fit. So I hope to get some additional insights as to whom has the best chance of succeeding.

I think you might need a team that groups by few teammates. One is familiar with backend technologies such as ORM frameworks, databases knowledge and some middleware frameworks(Java or python both are fine) . One more mate is familiar with frontend frameworks especially in react… One more devops person who are familiar with docker,K8s etc…. Or you could just find one person with all of that knowledge. :teamwork:

> Or you could just find one person with all of that knowledge.
If you find this person, please hire them immediately and never let go of them :joy: :llamalol:

But in all seriousness, here are some themes in core dev skills that have been helpful in implementation & rollout:
• Deep understanding of the org’s data tools to understand what metadata can easily be extracted & surfaced within DataHub
• Python: required to understand & customize of our metadata ingestion framework & leveraging our Python SDK
• JAVA: required if you want to customize the UI
• DevOps: required if you do not have a separate team that can guide you through deployment, upgrades, platform maintenance, scalability & performance issues
◦ <Acryl Data Data> offers a fully managed version of DataHub to handle all of this :teamwork: feel free to reach out if you have questions :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you both! That helps to narrow my search down a bit. :slightly_smiling_face: