Compatibility of Datahub with Upgrading AWS Postgres Version to 14.x or 15.x

Original Slack Thread

Hi, Team.
Quick question on Postgres version compatibility.
I’ve noticed that AWS would force to upgrade Postgres instance 11.x ver to 14.x or 15.x automatically in Jan, 2024.
Currently, I’m using Amazon Aurora Postgres 11.x version on Datahub, instead of MySQL. Is Datahub is compatible with 14.x or 15.x ver?

Hi, as far as i know this should be fine (cf.|thread) - <@UV5UEC3LN> could you confirm on this?

Hi Heyjin. Thanks for help!

We don’t internally do extensive testing with PostGres, but like Hyejin said community has indicated it is supported and there is nothing on our end that should limit it. We use a generic JPA framework that should not heavily leverage specific DB features subject to change across versions.

I see that’s good. I will share the result to the community if out team upgrades AWS Postgres DB version
Thanks for double check Ryan!