Connecting Different Databases with Different VPNs within DataHub

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Hi All!
I’m new with DataHub and I have a question. Can I connect different databases with differents VPNs within DataHub?

Yes you can!!

How is it done, is there a guide or tutorial that explains it?

If you use UI ingestion then the DataHub action pods need to have access to these databases.

Can I modify the cron file to establish the VPN connection? In witch path is this file located?

How other service connects to these databases?
I mean not from your local computer

I had thought to establish through the crontab the VPN connection. Using a sleep wait for the metadata insertion to finish and then close this connection

The VPN connection would be made prior to metadata insertion

this should be implemented by you in your environment. UI based ingestion has it’s own scheduling but if you use cli based ingestion then you can use cron and implement this

Okey, thanks for the support!!