Connecting Snowflake database via KEY_PAIR_AUTHENTICATOR with DataHub

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Hello everyone,

We’re excited to be evaluating DataHub :rocket:. I need to connect my Snowflake database via KEY_PAIR_AUTHENTICATOR. Atm it looks like the forms in the UI only supports the classic username/password

Can someone show me what I should have in the YAML config to connect via KEY_PAIR_AUTHENTICATOR? An example would be perfect!!

Many thanks!

I added my private key as a secret and reference it inside the yaml but i get this error

Failed to connect to snowflake instance due to error ('Could not deserialize key data. The data may be in an incorrect format, it may be encrypted with an unsupported algorithm, or it may be an unsupported key type (e.g. EC curves with explicit parameters).', [<OpenSSLError(code=503841036, lib=60, reason=524556, reason_text=unsupported)>]).
Do i need to quote the secret?

        include_table_lineage: true
        include_view_lineage: true
        include_tables: true
        include_views: true
            enabled: true
            profile_table_level_only: true
            enabled: true
        authentication_type: KEY_PAIR_AUTHENTICATOR
        private_key: '${private_key}'
        warehouse: xxx
        role: xxx
        username: xxx```

Are you on the latest version of datahub and datahub-actions? We previously had some issues with multi-line secret values, but I think those are largely resolved at this point

Let me do a helm upgrade. Thanks!

Please let us know if the problem persists!