CSV Import Functionality for Business Glossary

Original Slack Thread

Hey all! Trying to insert several hundred glossary terms into my company’s Business Glossary (with groups, descriptions, etc). Tried to use the graphql API with python (using the official documentation) and having many issues. Does anyone have a working example of python/JS code that transfers a csv file with glossary terms and their info into the system? Thanks!

Hi <@U04VAPNJW3E>: you should be able to use the yaml spec for business glossary to do this. https://datahubproject.io/docs/generated/ingestion/sources/business-glossary

Hi Shai, most business users keep their glossaries in Excel so the easiest way for them to. import data is via CSV - unlikely that business users will ever use yaml. We’ve raised a feature request for CSv import request - if you upvote it, it’s more liklely to get implmented - https://feature-requests.datahubproject.io/p/glossary-import-functionality

Great, upvoted. Thanks!