Datahub Logging and Access Control: Monitoring Login Attempts and Application Errors

Original Slack Thread

Hello Everyone! I have a question about access control and logging. Does Datahub support logging un/successful login attempts and access to resources? Also, are application errors logged or not for monitoring purposes? Thank you!

<@U05CJD391ND> might be able to speak to this!

Hi <@U03D58YUFDX>

  1. I know we have some debug logging for the login controller but I don’t think it would provide what you’re looking for as a way to monitor logins. This could be something better supported in datahub via configuration, so a <|feature request> would be awesome or a contribution if you felt up for it.
  2. Speaking from gms, which is where most of the application errors happen, does capture stack traces and errors in the logs. I wouldn’t say it works this way for all errors, as it depends on the resolver and how it does logging. We’re trying to follow logging practices in new resolvers added so if there’s a try/catch in the resolver, the catch does a log.error.

Hi <@U05CJD391ND>, many thanks for your input!