Dealing with Virtual Environment and Dependency Issues in Datahub GUI Ingestion

Original Slack Thread

Hello, I have a question about running Ingestion from the Datahub GUI. We deploy Datahub using the official Helm Chart and when we try to run Ingestion from GUI, we get the ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pyodbc' error. I tried to replace the datahub-actions image with our custom one, which has the pyodbc installed but then I realized the ingestion is running in the virtual environment. Is there a way we can add the dependency without doing it manually in the pod? Thank you!

<@UV14447EU> Is it a bug ?

yeah, unfortunately currently you can’t install additional python packages to the created virtualenv which is used for ingestion

<@UV14447EU> Is there any alternative way to address the Ingestion virtual environment for the pyodbc dependency issue or is there any release coming in near future to solve the problem .Thanks for your support