Deleting all metadata in DataHub and related entities through CLI operations

Original Slack Thread

Hello, I’m trying to delete all metadata in datahub and perform a new ingestion. When I delete via cli, the dataset is deleted, but other entities remain undeleted. For example, MySQL databases or airflow tasks will not be deleted. Is there any way to delete these entities as well?

Hey <@U062DED539T> - what is the command you ran? We should be able to delete everything in your instance. are you applying any filters when you are deleting?

Thank you for your response.
The command I used was “datahub delete --platform mysql --hard --force” which I ran with the datahub CLI.
At first, it didn’t seem to delete all the metadata, so I proceeded to delete it per platform.
However, the dataset was deleted, but the dataplatform was not, so it was still there.
Is there any way to delete all metadata, including dataset?