Deploying Datahub in AirGap Kubernetes Environment and Pointing to Internal Docker Hub for Security Concerns

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Hi All, We were trying to deploy datahub in AirGap kubernetes environment where we need to build/point all repo to internal docker hub due to security concerns. Would anyone has any suggestion on how to proceed further ? The datahub-helm seems like not having templates for prerequisites . Reference .It would be helpful if anyone has any documentation or details for such requirements.

<@U03MF8MU5P0> Would love your help on this!

The prerequisites chart is a collection of other open source charts, the upstream charts are listed in the|Chart.yaml file. Take a look at the upstream charts for the image(s) used, be sure to note the version as the image tags might change in the upstream charts from version to version. Alternatively, you could install the prerequisites using your intended prerequisites configuration in a non-air gapped environment and extract all the images from the docker instance (i.e. docker image ls ) to identify which ones need to move.