Discussing Disabling vs. Hiding Access Management Tab in New UI

Original Slack Thread

Hi all,
I saw the new access management ui in the last townhall meeting and immediately loved it! Thanks for all the efforts there. I wanted to run one possible improvement of the UI by the contributors - unfortunately I cannot mention Ramendra761 as they don’t appear to be on slack, so maybe <@U03BEML16LB> could jump in (saw you review the PR): I would love to disable the Access Management Tab for Datasets that don’t (yet) have a role attached. This should be as easy as checking for the “access” property/aspect of a dataset. I do have a working POC of this, but wasn’t sure if this needs to be discussed first. Happy to open a PR and discuss there as well of course.

hey Hendrik! yeah for sure that would make sense to me. are you thinking disable the tab or hide it? i believe our common pattern is to hide a tab when there’s no relevant data to show inside of it

that being said feel free to open a PR and we can always discuss there!

I’ll do that, thanks!
I was torn between hiding or disabling - but I saw 2 disabled tabs on a lot of my datasets, so I thought it would integrate nicely:

But of course that’s an implementation detail. Let me open a PR and then take it from there :slightly_smiling_face:

opened this: https://github.com/datahub-project/datahub/pull/9610 thanks for your review!

Hi Guys, also love this feature with <@U05F2CWUS5C> add-on but could you a bit explain how to turn on it?) i have v0.12 deployed but didn’t see and new tab in the ui. Thanks for any help

set the environment variable you see above to true for your gms-container

thanks a lot <@U05F2CWUS5C>

Does anyone feel strongly about disabling vs. hiding the tab when the aspect (or roles) are missing? I have it implemented in a disabled state now.