Discussing Visibility and Documentation for Platforms on the Main Page

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Can’t I see the list of platforms anywhere? Add/change descriptions, metadata, tags, … ? I can see we have plenty of platforms (using demo data here) but I can’t see the platforms themselves.attachmentattachment

Hi! not sure i understand correctly here, but you can see “Platforms” in the main page. Also, we don’t support adding tags on tags or marking tags as deprecated at the moment.

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<@U04QRNY4ZHA> not entirely: you can see a list of datasets split by platforms, but you can’t see the platforms themselves, if that makes sense. Not in the way that you can see a dataset or data product. And a platform with no datasets in it is invisible in that view.
I guess that doesn’t have much meaning in itself though, I’m probably better off looking into platform instances, but as a company we would want to provide documentation on e.g. bigquery [as it’s used within our organisation] as opposed to bigquery [the non-specific platform], and if you’d want to tag / add glossary terms to that (e.g. “bigquery is not allowed PII information for XYZ reasons”), you’d have to sidestep that by creating an intermediate platform instance & adding links to every dataset on bigquery to also be linked to that platform instance.

<@U04MSBYKGEL>: this is a good suggestion and something that does make sense to do. (Give platforms their own page to support documentation and other needs)