Discussion on URN format inconsistency and searching tables in a specific schema

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Hi team, I’m wondering why the URN for schema is not urn:li:container:{schema_name} but like urn:li:container:009asdfsfwdef2058dwerfvsd919a . Can anyone help?

It is a value derived from a hash that considers database name, env and other values. Presumably help with collisions better? Not sure why this is inconsistent with other entities like datasets but well…

<@U01TCN40JKV> Thanks for your reply. I’m wondering if there’s a workaround search all tables in specific schema. If I search for a schema name in the search bar , other related tables may be shown in the result list, whereas it’s not possible to access them using url based on schema name.

you can filter by schema in search

<@U01TCN40JKV> Do you mean searching like this? it’s still necessary to filter the result list

you can do the same graphql query that lists all the assets in a container as well(in the container’s profile page)

<@UV14447EU> is there any way on UI to perform exact match search. As per document double quotes need to be use for exact match, However it is not working. doc: https://datahubproject.io/docs/how/search/, sample:https://demo.datahubproject.io/search?page=1&amp;query="datahub_schema"

That search seems to surface the container as I expected, unless I’m missing somethingattachment

If you want to search for tables within a schema, that’s possible in search starting from 0.10.5 (can look for “unified search and browse” in our docs - it was behind a feature flag until 0.11.0)

Example: https://demo.datahubproject.io/search?filter__entityType␞typeNames___false___EQUAL___0=DATASET&amp;filter_browsePathV2___false___EQUAL___2=␟urn:li:container:DATABASE␟urn:li:container:SCHEMA&amp;filter_platform___false___EQUAL___1=urn:li:dataPlatform:hive&amp;page=1&amp;query=*&amp;unionType=0|https://demo.datahubproject.io/search?filter__entityType␞typeNames___false___EQU[…]L___1=urn:li:dataPlatform:hive&amp;page=1&amp;query=*&amp;unionType=0attachment

<@U01GZEETMEZ> It seems these results are not related with the searching

Yes that’s correct - if you want to search within a container, you can use the filter on the left