Enabling UI for Managed Ingestion Controls

Original Slack Thread

:hello-dog: we had to disable managed ingestion when upgrading due to this https://github.com/acryldata/datahub-helm/blob/bd670a922fb13f66446d26925e96c3424e546ec6/charts/datahub/subcharts/datahub-gms/templates/deployment.yaml#L11|validation. Although we don’t use it to actually ingest data (we ingest using k8s cronjobs) having the UI is quite nice. Maybe it would be good to have the UI rendered but the “Create new source” disabled… WDYT?

<@U03BEML16LB> Could you take a look on this?

ahh yeah that makes sense. right now we don’t support showing the ingestion UI when managed ingestion is disabled so there’s not an easy way to configure showing it but now allowing users to run ingestion from the UI/create new ingestion sources. this could be a good feature request though!