Error message in DBT Cloud API about query complexity limit

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Hey all,
We’ve set up a self host DataHub instance and are trying to ingest with the DBT Cloud model. However when we run this ingestion its coming back with an error appearing to be from the DBT API saying the query is too complex. We’ve only utilized the required values in the ingestion so it seems like the query should be extremely simple?
ValueError: Unable to fetch metadata from dbt Cloud: [{'message': 'Error: This query exceeds the complexity limit. Consider breaking it up into separate queries or limiting to necessary fields. See the API docs for example queries and recommendations. The environment endpoint is recommended for most use cases to get the latest results for a dbt project.', 'extensions': {'code': 'COMPLEXITY_EXCEEDED'}}]

Hey Michael! Check out this thread - this should be resolved by upgrading your CLI version

<@U0121TRV0FL> So this is something which must be done from CLI and cannot be run on the front end?