How to Filter Value in Highlight in GraphQL Query?

Original Slack Thread

Hi all, what syntax I should fill in here to filter value in highlight? I tried to use policies…params…value but it not correct

<@U05CJD391ND> any suggestions here? I’m interpreting the question to be, “how do I list all policies that are applied so a specific URN?“, but I may be off here

Hi <@U05PBKPTL3E> - the listPolicies query takes in the following options:
• start
• count
• query
What you’re looking at on the right side of the screenshot is the response from the query. The query itself doesn’t take in complex filters. These are serialized filters that help the policy find the entities it needs to apply on. You could try to write a script to query batches of these policies, and filter them using a custom script.

The query field there doesn’t search the entities the policy applies to, it searches against the policy fields itself (like name/description).

Hi <@U05CJD391ND>, Thanks for response my question, but I want to know what syntax String I should put in query to get element have value highlight like in image, in SQL it likes value like '%trino%' . Sorry cause I’m new with GraphQL and My searching told hat I need use filter field, not query like in the image.

<@U05PBKPTL3E> I don’t believe it’s currently possible use complex filters like that on this endpoint. I looked into our search resolver and it doesn’t look like we support searching by policy through searchAcrossEntities either. The best thing I can suggest here is to write a custom script, gat fetches your policies and parses the filters in the response to get a list of entities. I’m sorry we don’t have support for this in a simpler way.