How to Migrate Datahub GraphQL API to Another Instance and Restore Indices

Original Slack Thread

Good afternoon team, I have a question: Is it possible to send all the info taken from a Datahub’s GraphQL API to another Datahub instance?
I am asking this because we had to redeploy the environment where Datahub was and, in order to avoid information loss, I queried all the info from Datahub using it’s GraphQL API

would probably be best to use a backup of the aspects table and do a restoreindices on the new datahub instance

Hey <@U03A4BENWPQ>! Definitely agree with Umair that backups would be useful here, but we have started building out a “DataHub Ingestion Source” to help out with migrations. <@U04N9PYJBEW> is going to be working on it this quarter; we don’t have a definite timeline on it just yet, but it’s in the pipeline!

and <@U03QXTV077V>, do you know how could I restore indices?? I have tried using the restore indices endpoint, but i keep getting
404 page not found . Is there any other way to restore them??

yeah. If you use the datahub-upgrade container, there is a jar you can run to do the restore indices.

I keep getting the following error and the indices havent been restored. Is this normal??
Note, my ElasticSearch is working perfectly

looks like you aren’t passing in which upgrade you’re trying to do.

if you’re calling the jar file directly, it should be -u RestoreIndices

you should make sure your environment variables are correct as well. That link i posted has a .env file for guidance

Thanks for the help, <@U03QXTV077V>. I forgot 2 env related to elasticsearch, and they were the source of the problem. Thanks again :smile: