Implementing Ingestion with Helm Charts on Kubernetes and Setting Up Ingress for Different Services

Original Slack Thread

<@U0227B8D97F> hello everyone. I have been trying implement on Kubernetes using helm charts. I finally got this thing going! Now I need to ingest file based lineage from the cli, which I can do in my local environment very easily. For Kubernetes, I created an ingress for the frontend: <http://my-internal-webaddress/> -&gt; datahub-datahub-frontend on port:9002. It works great. I tried creating another ingress specifically for GMS <http://my-internal-webaddress/gms> -&gt; datahub-datahub-gms on port:8080. Is this the right approach? BTW, I setup the GMS pod with a ClusterIP service with port 8080.

I did not need to create an ingress for gms as I am using datahub-ingestion-cronjob to ingest metadata since both services are within the cluster.

Is also possible to point to https://frontend-url/api/gms|https://frontend-url/api/gms as well, no need to expose gms directly

Thanks for the tips. I have got it working using port forwarding, but will still work on a more automated solution. I will look at both tips above. thanks again.