Improving Usability of Ingestion Jobs List Page

Original Slack Thread

I already submitted such FR, but it got no attention, but I think this is pretty important issue.

The UI page with ingests jobs list has pretty poor usability:
Sorting only goes through withing on page that is currently displayed, and one page only fits 25 ingest jobs, so there is no pagination setting option.
I have 4 pages of recipes, so if I sort by Run Time or by Status I will get only part of the resuls I need, so there is no way I can get all the jobs I need in one place

The ‘search sources’ bar it the top corned also work strangely, I can make it work and filter what I need only about half of the time, and I wasn’t able to figure out the pattern. Sometimes I type parts of names that I know exhist in the list, but it gibes me 0 results.

Can somebody please back up this issue and improve the usability, it makes working with ingest jobs very difficult:pray::pray::pray:|

This is great feedback - thank you!

First of all congrats on having more than 25 sources :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a couple things we can do improve this our the product dev side:

• Increase default page sizes (doesn’t truly solve because we’ll have to set some limit), or at min allow users to change the page size.
• Add sorting to our listIngestionSources GraphQL API based on the last execution time, and sounds like you’d like to see sort by last completed run time? Anything else that would be particularly useful?

<@U01GCJKA8P9> thank you:joy:
• Increasing page size would definitely help, yes. Maybe allow users to change and then pin the default size for their instance, is that possible?
• What would be suuuper useful is for sorting to go through the whole list of ingest jobs, not just one page of several
• So far I rarely listed sources through GraphQL, but I definitely see how sorting via it can be useful, it is also worth adding