Integrating Great Expectations with DataHub: Issue Resolved by Changing URL in Checkpoint File

Original Slack Thread

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to integrate great_expectations with datahub, I’ve created a checkpoint with sample of validations, when i run the validations it passes but it’s not reflected on datahub, i get the error:
(‘Unable to emit metadata to DataHub GMS’, {‘message’: '404 Client Error: Not Found for url: http://myurl/aspects?action=ingestProposalhttp://myurl/aspects?action=ingestProposal’}|'})
I’m using datahub v 0.12.0 installed on a linux server,
I followed the guidelines on this documentation:
and also did the same as in the demo, I also tried to generate access tokens but it says it’s not enabled and need to contact the adminstrator(me).
If anyone has an idea on how to successfully integrate datahub with great expectations I would be more than grateful!

The issue is solved, I just changed the URL in the checkpoint file from:
“server_url”: “http://<server url>:9002”
to “http://<server url>:8080”.
Hope this will help someone.

I’m glad it works