Issue with maintaining column level data lineage integrity in script execution

Original Slack Thread

I want to add column level data lineage. for example A.Email -> to B.Email . This works as expected.
After this, I want to add C.Name -> B.Name. This works as well but will remove the previous lineage, I mean A.Email -> B.Email somehow will be removed.
Any idea on this?

Hi - that’s weird. how are you ingesting lineage? via python sdk?

Yes, <@U04QRNY4ZHA>
I noticed if I want to have the previous ingestions as well, I need to run all the lineages together.
For example if I add A.Email -&gt; to B.Email and then I add C.Name -&gt; B.Name., the former one will be removed.
But if I run the script contains both lineages the I can see both of them available.

Additionally, there is no way in the documents to remove the column level lineages. If I remove from UI, it won’t work as expected.