Mapping Business Glossary Terms to Athena Columns in DataHub Metadata Ingestion Configuration

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Hello Team, I am trying to map the Business glossary terms to Athena columns. But I am able to only tag the terms to the whole dataset and not to individual schema terms. This is the recipe used. Am I missing something to map the glossary to the columns. Any help would be appreciated as I am new to this.

    type: athena
        aws_region: region
        work_group: wg
        query_result_location: '<s3://aws-athena-query-results/>'
        database: db_nmae
        type: simple_add_dataset_terms
            replace_existing: true
                - 'urn:li:glossaryTerm:005d0f7eaaf'
                - 'urn:li:glossaryTerm:a5052f485cb'
        type: pattern_add_dataset_schema_terms
            replace_existing: true
                    '.*columnname.*': ['urn:li:glossaryTerm:509ce1c0ae798']```

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Hey Haripriya, Please refer I think this documentation might help. Let me know if it helps.