Setting up DataHub for Integration with Apache Airflow on VMs

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Hello community :grin:
I just started with DataHub today and need help because I’m stuck in the setup step. I want to use DataHub to integrate with Apache Airflow, I’ve installed them into 2 VMs using the latest version. DataHub installation I follow the quick start guide and end up with this command datahub docker quickstart . I have a few questions here.
• Do I need to enable the token authentication on DataHub to use Datahub’s Airflow lineage plugin on Airflow?
• If it needs, how to set the METADATA_SERVICE_AUTH_ENABLED environment variable to “true”, I try to add it in docker-compose.yml but after running the datahub docker quickstart , the compose file always reverts back.

You don’t have to but if you run on docker make sure both docker runs on the same network to be able access each other

Ok, I’ll try. Thank you.