Setting up datahub's Elasticsearch backend with ECK on Kubernetes and configuring credentials

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I am using ECK(Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [2.9]) to set up my datahub’s es backend, anyone knows how to adjust the configuration in official datahub helm chart to make them connected. it seems there should be a username/password but the datahub chart doesn’t have. thansk

Default username/password is datahub/datahub.
After login by using it, you can invite your team member.

sorry for my unclear expression. I mean the datahub is using elastic search as its backend. so the datahub needs a credential of elsatic search server to connect to elastic search and use it as storage.

Oh i understood.
So you should set your username & password in existing your Elastic Search Cloud.

See the helm chart link|here .

   value: {{ .username }}
   {{- if .password.value }}
      value: {{ .password.value | quote }}
   {{- else }}```

thanks for your reply, I know datahub need elastic username to be “datahub/datahub”

So you can set values.yaml like

  strict_mode: true
  graph_service_impl: elasticsearch
  datahub_analytics_enabled: true
  datahub_standalone_consumers_enabled: false

    host: "elasticsearch-master"
    port: "9200"
    skipcheck: "false"
      username: "your_username"
      password: "your_password" ```

thank you, I wonder to know how https/tls works for datahub.

ECK by default makes the elastic cluster to be accessed by https. If the ‘skipcheck’ flag needs to be set as true

i do not know about skipcheck flag. but if you want to connect elastic search with ssl, you can set useSSL flag as true.

    host: "elasticsearch-master"
    port: "9200"
    skipcheck: "false"
    insecure: "false"
    useSSL: "true"```