Setting up Oracle Ingestor with the new Oracle Thin client lib

Original Slack Thread

Hi Colleagues ! Do you know how to get oracle Ingester using the new Oracle Thin client lib ?

We do have oracle connector

What is your use-case?

Hello <@U0348BYAS56> thanks for your answer.
Yes we do use the oracle connectors advised in the ingestors doc.
The problem is that for now ingestors rely on Oracle Thick Client. Oracle Client libs have to be installed outside the python venv running the oracle ingestor.

My use case is : setup the Oracle Ingestor in a seamless way without having to install Oracle Libraries in the Host environment.
Oracle released a thin version of Python Client Libs.
It would allow Datahub user to install Oracle Ingesters within the venv by just pushing the appropriate list of “pip install commands”.

I saw members exchanging on that topic but don’t know if a feature request has been filed.