Sorting Databases Alphabetically in Datasets Section and Displaying Empty Databases on the List

Original Slack Thread

I notice that while the Platform in Datasets sections are sorted alphabetically, the databases within them are sorted by the number of entities within them. Which I guess might be useful in some cases, but generally I would think people would expect them to also have alphabetical order - it makes finding the database you need much more easier.

Also I have some databases that currently have zero tables within them, and I noticed that they are not displayed in the list on Datasets section on the left - but their schemas are displayed on the main section of the screen, I can click them, they exhist. Can the also please be displayed on the left? I’d expect the full list of databases to be there

ps. screenshot from demo site

<@U01GCJKA8P9> Would love your input here!

Hey Nadia! Wanted you to know that we’ll be doing some investigation into how we can sort containers alphabetically… there might be some complexity/challenges there, but we hear you & we’ll do our best to get this implemented!

<@U0121TRV0FL> fantastic, thank you! do I need to create a FR for this or will you do it internally?

I’m tracking it internally, so no need to create a FR! I have it tentatively slated for mid-Nov, but I’ll need to pull in folks from a couple of different teams so timing might be a challenge given the US holidays… I’ll do my best to get this prioritized!