Troubleshooting 'Authorization header is missing' Error in Kubernetes Setup

Original Slack Thread

I am sitting on a k8s setup that has the login screen up.
However on login I get the following:

DataHubTokenAuthenticator,Failed to authenticate inbound request: Request is missing 'Authorization' header.```
I have ran through all the logs, verified the environment variables for both GMS and Frontend is set to True.

I feel I am probably missing something very fundamental that was glossed over in the guide.

SOLVED Request is missing ‘Authorization’ header:

I tried a metric ton of things but the most usefull was the following:
• I made sure OIDC was fully setup and allowing me to login ( 200 status from Google Auth ) by adding extraEnvs

      value: "true"
.......continue on with your secrets```
• Then turned off autoGenerate in the EncryptionKey and set the secretValues
```    encryptionKey:
      secretRef: "datahub-encryption-secrets"
      secretKey: "encryption_key_secret"
      # Set to false if you'd like to provide your own secret.
        enabled: true
        autoGenerate: false
        annotations: {}
          encryptionKey: set this```
but the errors persisted:

```DataHubSystemAuthenticator,Failed to authenticate inbound request: Authorization header is missing Authorization header.
DataHubTokenAuthenticator,Failed to authenticate inbound request: Request is missing 'Authorization' header.```
and in the Inspect Console
```Error: Could not fetch logged in user from cache. + Exception while fetching data (/corpUser) : java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to retrieve entities of type CorpUser```
then followed this thread *which I had previously tried from this suggestion* -> <>

*changing the tag: from "latest" to "v0.10.4"* 
```  image:
    repository: linkedin/datahub-frontend-react
    tag: "v0.10.4"
    enabled: true```
And that did seemed to do the trick - *no more missing headers, no more 401 authorization errors, no more CorpUser error and no more cancelled graphql requests.*

*important to note that I had initially updated datahub-frontend values.yaml to not have tag:"latest" but along with everything else I have done this it is now finally resolved.*

thanks to <@U01L2QD243Z> for the autoGenerate tip