Troubleshooting changing default Datahub username and password using Docker-compose and Quickstart

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Hi Everyone,
I am trying to change the default Datahub Username password using method Docker-compose and Quickstart in the article mentioned below:-

I have modified the user.props file in the path /datahub/volumes/frontend-react. Also have mounted the updated docker compose file to the following location inside the datahub-frontend-react container using a volume:/datahub-frontend/conf/user.props and restarted the required containers. Still I am able to login using default username and password (datahub), and the changes are not reflecting.
Kindly suggest for the same.

i would probably docker exec into the container and double check that the user.props is mounted correctly and can be read, as a troubleshooting step

<@U01TCN40JKV> Thanks for the response. The user.props is mounted on the path as mentioned above. The above mentioned steps are working successfully with "ubuntu-jammy-22.04-amd64-server " however if we are trying same steps with “ubuntu-jammy-22.04-arm64-server” it is giving error in the last step i.e. while Running the following command.
datahub docker quickstart --quickstart-compose-file &lt;your-modified-compose&gt;.yml
and the changes in the username password are not reflecting.
Please suggest the command we can use for restart DataHub in case of arm64-server.

Hey, I just ran into the same problem. Initially, when I started the server, I hadn’t realized the need to remove the default user. Later, when I tried to change this setting, I couldn’t find an option to restart, so I’m stuck on how to alter this

Hey, I have used this command and it worked.
datahub docker quickstart --quickstart-compose-file <compose-file>.yml