Troubleshooting CSV Loading Issue in DataHub Pipeline

Original Slack Thread

Hi everyone!

I have some issues getting a CSV file to load.

Here is a snippet of it:

And here is the recepy:
  type: csv-enricher
    # relative path to your csv file to ingest
    filename: ./data_catalog.csv

  type: "datahub-rest"
    server: "server"
    ca_certificate_path: "path"
    disable_ssl_verification: "false"```
The issue I have is that it does not want to load anything, at all. What am I missing or what should I check?
 `Pipeline finished successfully; produced 0 events in 0.07 seconds.`![attachment](

The csv enricher source is for enriching entities, but it looks like you might be trying to create datasets?

If so, you can follow this guide

Alternatively, you can add tags/owners/other info to your csv and we’ll automatically create the datasets for you

Thanks, I will give it a try with the CSV.