Troubleshooting datahub-gms Component Restarts in Manual Installation with Podman and Postgres Replacement

Original Slack Thread

Hello Dear Community, I’m installing datahub manually with podman and replacing mysql database with postgres, so my installation is quite specific because of environment restrictions.

I have managed to deploy datahub-gms component first, but it keeps restarting every 12 seconds (more or less). I do not receive any errors in the log. Moreover I receive information that kafka, elastic, neo4j and postgress can talk with my datahub-gms container.
Do you have any clue?

Hi - that’s strange, were you able to successfully deploy gms before replacing mysql?

The only other thing I can think of is the cpu and memory limits. (I am not very familiar with podman), Here is a link that says how to increase the limits:

Indeed, that was it. I have doubled the size of resources and it worked.