Troubleshooting datahub-gms pod readiness issue with INTERNAL schema registry implementation

Original Slack Thread

Hi, I am trying to install the helm chart datahub/datahub-0.2.182 without the prerequisite chart. We already have postgresql, elasticsearch and kafka in our infrastructure. Having issues where the datahub-gms pod is not getting ready. The java process is not listening to any ports. Could this be related to the INTERNAL schema registry implementation?

<@U03MF8MU5P0> might be able to help here!

I ended up deploying a cp-schema-registry pod instead and pointed it at our apache-kafka cluster.

I’d be interested in the GMS logs if you still have them when configured for INTERNAL. :pray:

I did store an output log when using INTERNAL, but I’m not sure I can still reproduce the rest of the settings that was used on deployment.

    4768   <tel:373521608381|37352 1608381> gms.out ```
Where should I send it?

you can sent it to me in a dm