Troubleshooting Debug Log Visibility Issue in GMS

Original Slack Thread

I am unable to see any debug logs in GMS. I checked the gms.debug.log file.

I am hitting the entities/latest endpoint. Ideally I should see the “GET ENTITIES” text in the debug file.
I have also added DATAHUB_DEBUG=true but still it is not working

public ResponseEntity<UrnResponseMap> getEntities(
    @Parameter(name = "urns", required = true, description = "A list of raw urn strings, only supports a single entity type per request.")
    @RequestParam("urns") @Nonnull String[] urns,
    @Parameter(name = "aspectNames", description = "The list of aspect names to retrieve")
    @RequestParam(name = "aspectNames", required = false) @Nullable String[] aspectNames) {
  Timer.Context context = MetricUtils.timer("getEntities").time();
  final Set<Urn> entityUrns =
          // Have to decode here because of frontend routing, does No-op for already unencoded through direct API access
  log.debug("GET ENTITIES {}", entityUrns);
  Authentication authentication = AuthenticationContext.getAuthentication();
  String actorUrnStr = authentication.getActor().toUrnStr();
  DisjunctivePrivilegeGroup orGroup = new DisjunctivePrivilegeGroup(ImmutableList.of(new ConjunctivePrivilegeGroup(

Datahub version v0.12.0

DATAHUB_DEBUG=true is the correct setting. I just discovered that these logs don’t go to stdout and are instead logged to a file in the container. If you shell into the container, you can find the logs at /tmp/datahub/logs/gms/gms.debug.log

I checked the file gms.debug.log but don’t see it there.
I see that by default the debug is created even if I don’t specify DATAHUB_DEBUG=true . But still can’t find the debug log statement.