Troubleshooting ElasticSearch error with Datahub deployment on Kubernetes using Helm

Original Slack Thread

hi all - I deployed Datahub (v.0.11.0) on Kubernetes though Helm on AWS. We are using Postgres RDS and OpenSearch’s ElasticSearch as data stores. Our GMS pod is throwing errors like this one:

dp-datahub/datahub-datahub-gms-5cb4b59cff-527z7[datahub-gms]: {"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"parsing_exception","reason":"[term] query does not support [case_insensitive]","line":1,"col":884}],"type":"x_content_parse_exception","reason":"[1:884] [bool] failed to parse field [must]","caused_by":{"type":"x_content_parse_exception","reason":"[1:884] [bool] failed to parse field [should]","caused_by":{"type":"x_content_parse_exception","reason":"[1:884] [bool] failed to parse field [should]","caused_by":{"type":"parsing_exception","reason":"[term] query does not support [case_insensitive]","line":1,"col":884}}}},"status":400}```
Do you know what this could be caused by? We are using ElasticSearch Version 7.9 on OpenSearch

We were getting the same - it took a bit of digging, but|docs seem to suggest ES 7.10 required as case_insensitive only seems to be available from this version of|ES onwards

oh right - we did upgrade to 7.10 and it seems it resolved, thank you! <@U04K62WCAEM>