Troubleshooting GraphQL BatchAddTerms for Glossary Terms in a Dataset Column

Original Slack Thread

I can’t seem to add glossary terms in one of my dataset’s column. I used the graphql batchAddTerms and term_urns as the glossary urn, resource urn as the column’s urn, then sub_resource_type as DATASET_FIELD. Am I missing something?

GQL looks like this

    batchAddTerms (input: {
         termUrns: ["urn:li:glossaryTerm:Classification.Confidential"]

       resources: [{

The only potential problem I see is that you are providing the term as text (“Classification.Confidential”) instead of providing its GUID.

How do you create the glossary terms? If I create one via the UI, it gets a unique GUID. Testing with your query, but providing the corresponding GUID instead works fine.

using GQL

  createGlossaryTerm(input: {
    id: "test-glossary-gql4"
    name: "test-glossary-gql4"
    description: "Glossary created from GQL"