Troubleshooting Installation Errors and Workarounds for DataHub 0.10.5 Version

Original Slack Thread

I’m also having some trouble installing the 0.10.5 version due to no-code-migration error. I’m letting it fail as it waits for GMS and MAE, but it doesn’t work as well for me.

I enabled Kafka confluent, and also enabled the prerequisite cp-schema-registry.

Hi - we’re dealing with this issue internally, we’ll update the github issue if there’s any updates. Sorry for the inconvienience! :

Same here… any good work-around?

Here <@U044DPR2RGS>

I was finally able to successfully deploy datahub 0.10.5

I made sure to:

  1. Setup confluent schema registry, kafka (setup in prerequisites yaml)
  2. All versions are the same (except acryl datahub actions and managed ingestion, they must be 0.10.5)
  3. hardcode the version (0.2.181 for datahub helm chart and 0.0.18 for prerequisites)