Troubleshooting Issue with Ingesting dbt+Trino Data and Missing Columns问题

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Hi All,

Has anyone tried to ingest dbt+trino? I have ingested dbt+trino (v0.10.0) and then I saw the lineage is doing pretty well and the tags too. The problem is why it didn’t show the columns? However I already tried by using dbt serve (a command to running documentation in local ) and it did well and I can see all the columns.

Can someone help me to fix it?

this is a page for local documentation in dbt

*Notes: this is the same intermediete table with aboveattachment

<@UV14447EU> might help you

any update on this?

Do you miss column level lineage or columns are missing at all?

I think both, but the first problem regarding my columns are missing at all tables